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Enabling the Connected Mobility Future

Enabling the Connected Mobility Future

5G is bringing higher speeds, lower latencies, and other advanced capabilities to the masses. Those evolving 5G networks along with rising multi-access edge computing (“MEC”) capabilities are powering major transformations and new value opportunities across industries. Application Programming Interfaces (“APIs”) are critical tools stitching together the 5G network’s connectivity fabric, bringing together connected products, and unlocking value for entire value chains from businesses to end customers.

The purpose of this paper is to highlight the 5G Future Forum’s efforts to overcome technical obstacles in today’s connected world through driving interconnected and interoperable APIs within an international, partner-focused approach. Connected vehicle use cases are the context to which we highlight the desirability, viability, and feasibility of 5GFF partner-agnostic APIs that permit seamless communication between MEC infrastructures and connected vehicles. As 5G offerings become more ubiquitous, differentiated value for consumers and businesses driven by interoperable APIs will scale with the number of partners participating in this future.

Consider engaging with the 5GFF today to explore how these APIs and this initiative can help drive value for you and your customers during this evolution of connected mobility.